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John Scott

John Scott is a Customer Success Manager at PerformYard. With PerformYard, John is committed to assisting clients in designing and implementing streamlined performance management programs.


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Achieving Goals Through Accountability

by John Scott on August 24, 2015

"Work really hard and you can achieve anything you put your mind to." If your childhood was anything like mine, you heard some variation of this classic line several times, and with good reason - a strong work ethic is the most important factor for success in business. However, it isn't the only factor necessary for successfully reaching your goals. 
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Why You Should Avoid Anonymous Performance Feedback

by John Scott on August 6, 2015

Anonymous performance feedback is a popular component of many an organization's performance review process. However, while it is widely used, it can also be problematic for your review process.

The primary reason anonymous feedback is included in a review process is because of a worry that peers and even managers won't provide fully honest or critical comments about a coworker if they know their name will be tied to the criticism.

While that is one way to ensure that feedback isn't excessively rosy, it may lead to less than useful feedback by omitting specific details related to a project or account. Even though these details help mask the reviewer, they are valuable to the employee being reviewed because they help trigger specific memories needed for reflection.

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Empowering Managers to Be Accessible

by John Scott on May 12, 2015

It is clear why open floor plans are so popular in offices today. They bring people together to collaborate in ways that just weren't possible in the cubicle mazes of the past. In theory, an open office plan stimulates connections between employees and productive cooperation that can support a vibrant, high-performance culture.

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How Preparing for Failure Drives High Performance

by John Scott on April 28, 2015

The starting line for a marathon is a surprisingly great place to people watch. First, you see the professional runners in the front, quietly going through their finely-tuned routines. As you move your way back through the hundreds of runners in the crowd, you can start to feel the change in the crowd from "I'm here to win!" to "I'm just here to finish!"

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The Carrot or the Stick: Incentivizing Performance Reviews

by John Scott on April 16, 2015

You might have read about it in a book. Maybe you know somebody that knows somebody else that saw it once. My guess, though, is that you haven't seen it with your own eyes.

Of course, we aren't talking about unicorns, leprechauns or the Loch Ness Monster. We're talking about full participation in a performance review cycle.

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Fight Turnover By Selling Your Company to Your Employees

by John Scott on February 19, 2015

The relationship you have with your employer is often compared with a marriage, and with good reason. With that in mind, the recession and long recovery that followed might have characterized as a time to love the one you're with. However, now that the economy is showing real signs of life, people stuck in jobs of convenience are starting to look for the jobs of their dreams.

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