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Are Employee Trainings Worth It?

by Ben Hastings on May 15, 2018

Employee training is a hot topic and with the size of the learning and development market at a whopping $164.2 billion, it is big business too.

There are entire fields dedicated to employee training, and specialities within training — training in public speaking, management, hiring, and of course, training in training.

And it only makes sense. Most things can be learned by doing, but that means making some messy mistakes along the way and no one wants it to look like they, or their organization, is failing. So instead, we train.

But is training really all it's cracked up to be?

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Amazing Examples of Employee Recognition from HR Leaders

by John Courtney on May 2, 2018

Employee rewards and recognition is a $45 billion dollar industry. And with companies like Google shelling out millions on employee awards and trips to Hawaii, even window shopping down recognition lane can be a stressful experience.

But great employee recognition doesn't have to include an expensive overhaul of your entire culture. And there's no need to wait until the "right time" to get started. These ten real-life stories and examples from actual managers, executives, and brilliant HR thinkers will show you just how simple and straightforward employee recognition can be.

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How much is bad performance management costing you?

by John Courtney on April 26, 2018

Are you managing your employees with the same level of care you afford your business balance sheet?

In Google's first letter to investors, the founding team explained that, “it is easy to be penny wise and pound foolish with respect to benefits that can save employees considerable time and improve their health and productivity.”

But people are much trickier to manage than any number in a spreadsheet. If your performance management system is suffering from a lack of efficiency, you could be letting time, money and talent slip through the cracks.

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Stop Chasing HR Trends, Do This Instead

by John Courtney on April 17, 2018

Amy is an HR manager at a firm that isn’t tanking but isn’t exactly succeeding with flying colors either.

The company’s performance management system was outdated when Amy became head of HR four years ago. Since then, Amy has updated the system twice and swapped it out entirely three times. And for the time, money and energy it takes to get a new system up and running, it hardly seems worth it.

Amy’s problem might not sound unfamiliar. In fact, a large survey of organizations from Deloitte found that 89% of respondents either recently changed their performance management system or planned to in 18 months. Only 10% of the firms surveyed thought that their performance management system was "excellent" and succeeded in driving employee engagement and high performance.

Clearly, a change is in order. But is testing yet another performance trend really the answer?

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How can performance reviews support diversity and inclusion?

by John Courtney on April 12, 2018

Ask any HR expert and they'll tell you the performance review process has two main goals — employee accountability and employee development. But that's not the whole story. A truly great performance review strategy will also drive inclusion.

Inclusion and performance go hand in hand. In fact, experts like Bernadette Dillon, Inclusion Specialist and Director at Deloitte, report that companies with an inclusive culture are “twice as likely to meet or exceed financial targets” and eight times more likely “to achieve better business outcomes.”

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The Pros and Cons of 360 reviews

by Jon Malpass on April 5, 2018

There are times when a performance appraisal does just the right thing and times when it just makes matters worse.

Done right, a 360 review can be a smart and simple way to tighten the ship for smooth sailing. Done wrong, your 360 review may feel more like stirring the pot and can have some serious unintended consequences on your team's confidence and productivity.

Here's how to sidestep the pitfalls and make your 360 review a great experience for everyone.

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