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John Scott

Achieving Goals Through Accountability

By John Scott August 24, 2015
"Work really hard and you can achieve anything you put your mind to." If your childhood was..

Why You Should Avoid Anonymous Performance Feedback

By John Scott August 6, 2015

Anonymous performance feedback is a popular component of many an organization's performance..

Empowering Managers to Be Accessible

By John Scott May 12, 2015

It is clear why open floor plans are so popular in offices today. They bring people together to..

How Preparing for Failure Drives High Performance

By John Scott April 28, 2015

The starting line for a marathon is a surprisingly great place to people watch. First, you see the..

The Carrot or the Stick: Incentivizing Performance Reviews

By John Scott April 16, 2015

You might have read about it in a book. Maybe you know somebody that knows somebody else that..

Fight Turnover By Selling Your Company to Your Employees

By John Scott February 19, 2015

The relationship you have with your employer is often compared with a marriage, and with good..

Why Collaboration Doesn't Always Work

By John Scott January 5, 2015

It's hard to remember a time when collaboration wasn't a widely-discussed and accepted concept...

Resources to Get Your Performance Reviews Back on Track

By John Scott December 17, 2014

Performance reviews can be a source of frustration for many in the business world. If you're a..

The Leadership Style That Drives Innovation

By John Scott December 10, 2014

Making the leap into management can be an exciting and challenging time. Switching roles from..

Get Comfortable With Giving Negative Feedback

By John Scott November 13, 2014

Long ago, I received an especially confusing piece of negative feedback:

“Remember three or four..

Don’t Work Harder, Work With a Better Plan

By John Scott November 5, 2014

Santa Clauses throughout the country are returning to their natural habitat in shopping malls,..

Spark Creative Performance by Testing Your Routine

By John Scott October 28, 2014

In today’s ultra-competitive business world, success is often driven by a culture of testing...

How to Create the Perfect Brainstorm

By John Scott October 23, 2014

Creative ideas are the catalysts of innovation. They drive company growth, improve processes,..

The Secrets to Productive Performance Check-ins

By John Scott October 13, 2014

Meetings get a bad rap, and the arguments against them are well known:

  •      They get in the way..

How Distractions Drive High Performance

By John Scott September 30, 2014

It sounds counterintuitive, but an office environment with the right mix of distractions is..

Is a Dress Code Needed for an Exceptional Performance?

By John Scott September 23, 2014

Golf is a game of stretch goals. While some of these are fairly common, such as scoring a..

Avoid the Echo-Chamber Trap by Building Diverse Teams

By John Scott September 15, 2014

It is election season and with it comes all of the dreaded debates and political ads that make..

When Setting Goals Goes Wrong

By John Scott September 10, 2014

Goals are all around us. The finish line in a race is the most obvious example, but you might..