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Performance Review Ratings Scales - Examples

By PerformYard July 23, 2019

Rating scales are very common in employee reviews and performance checkins. They help us..

The Biases You Must Remove from Your Performance Reviews

By PerformYard July 2, 2019

Did you know that even after developing the best HR performance management system for your..

Building Blocks of Modern Performance Management

By PerformYard June 27, 2019

At PerformYard, we believe that your performance management process should be as unique as your..

How Does GE Do Performance Management Today?

By PerformYard June 11, 2019

When it comes to discussing performance management, it’s impossible to skip Jack Welch’s ..

The Right Way to Use Ratings in Performance Reviews

By PerformYard June 4, 2019

Ratings are often maligned because no one wants to be boiled down to a score, but ratings do..

Focal Point vs Anniversary Date Reviews: How To Decide

By PerformYard May 21, 2019

The differences between focal point reviews and anniversary date reviews are significant, and..

Stack Rankings: What they're good for and where they fail.

By PerformYard May 14, 2019

Some have condemned it as a cutthroat, destructive, and outdated practice, while others promote..

The Purpose of 90-day (New Hire) Reviews

By PerformYard May 9, 2019

New-hire reviews are one of the most frequently overlooked and grossly underrated parts of a..

How does Facebook do Performance Management

By PerformYard April 17, 2019

Facebook stands apart from the crowd in more ways than one. Their performance management..

The Pros and Cons of 360 reviews

By PerformYard April 5, 2018

360 feedback (or multi-rater feedback) is one of the fastest-growing and most controversial..